Why working visually with data is the future

EyesAre you tired of looking at rows and columns of numbers and trying to work out what they are telling you? Tabular formats can work well for looking up one or two individual facts but it can be hard to see the whole picture. This is why exploring data visually has really taken off. The human brain can process a picture much faster than a table of numbers. Interactive visuals make patterns, trends, and exceptions in numbers more visible and understandable. We are not talking about static charts here. Visual Analytics is about an interactive conversation with the data. You get a better understanding of what is happening and you get it faster than you would with tabular data. Not convinced? Take a look at these benefits of data visualisation:

  • Faster, easier data discovery – work with databases and spreadsheets of any size
  • Perfect data blending – combine multiple data sources in one view
  • Ease of use – drag-and-drop to create rich visualisations
  • Interactive reporting dashboards – understand relationships between data regardless of where it lives