Feeling the pain of data?

We all subscribe to the belief that leveraging insights from our data will bring us better business results. However the journey to insight is not without its challenges. If you are finding data frustrating, you can be sure that you are not alone. While much is written about the benefits of working with data, there are a lot fewer articles identifying the issues that commonly crop up. In an effort to address this, we … [Read More...]

It is not information overload, it’s filter failure

As an Analyst one of your key challenges is to act as a filter for your organisation. You are tasked with sifting through mountains of data and communicating insights in a way which supports better decision making. Computers cannot make sense of data, only people can. More precisely only people with the necessary data analysis skills can. Too much emphasis is put on the role of technology and not … [Read More...]

Why working visually with data is the future

Are you tired of looking at rows and columns of numbers and trying to work out what they are telling you? Tabular formats can work well for looking up one or two individual facts but it can be hard to see the whole picture. This is why exploring data visually has really taken off. The human brain can process a picture much faster than a table of numbers. Interactive visuals make patterns, trends, and exceptions in … [Read More...]

When software becomes part of the problem

In FMCG there is plenty of data but paradoxically a lack of meaningful insight. This is because Analysts are caught up in a cycle of data wrangling. Communicating analytical findings should be your priority however you probably find yourself wasting too much time cleansing data, trouble shooting excel … [Read More...]

5 ways you can work better with data

It is impossible to keep up with the speed at which data grows in your organisation, however you can continuously improve how you work with data. Here are 5 of the key ways: Transfer the heavy lifting of data processing to scalable technologies - this frees you up to focus on what the data is telling you Work more visually with data - it is more efficient and … [Read More...]