When software becomes part of the problem

In FMCG there is plenty of data but paradoxically a lack of meaningful insight. This is because Analysts are caught up in a cycle of data wrangling. Communicating analytical findings should be your priority however you probably find yourself wasting too much time cleansing data, trouble shooting excel calculations, mashing up spreadsheets or manually re-sizing charts. Automating processes or acquiring new tools can … [Read More...]

5 ways you can work better with data

It is impossible to keep up with the speed at which data grows in your organisation, however you can continuously improve how you work with data. Here are 5 of the key ways: Transfer the heavy lifting of data processing to scalable technologies - this frees you up to focus on what the data is telling you Work more visually with data - it is more efficient and helps you tell your story … [Read More...]

Having the confidence to make data driven decisions

Not everyone speaks data and that’s OK. If data skills are not your strength make sure you have some good Analysts on your team to help you see and understand data quicker. However avoid the trap of asking for more and more detail and delaying making a decision. Data can only take you so far and some of them have an expiry date. If you are tasked with developing a data driven culture in your organisation, surround … [Read More...]

Fluid data conversations replace static dashboards

In their 2015 Business Intelligence trends Tableau Software reported that 'we are starting to see an age when data is interactive enough that it can become the backbone of a conversation'. At Delphi Analytics we had noticed this dynamic as organisations are beginning to tire of big presentations and reject them in … [Read More...]

Field Data to Field Intelligence

The need to sell as much as possible has always been the single most important worry keeping Sales Leaders awake at night. However their concerns do not end there. There is a rising demand for increased management visibility of salesforce and channel performance. Companies know that if front line sales people hit targets more consistently, this offers the best … [Read More...]