Data Viz

One of the most exciting trends in our field in the past few years has been the development of visual analytics tools. Working visually with data is interactive and user friendly, overcoming many of the frustrations presented by spreadsheets, static presentations and closed platforms. At Delphi we find visual analytics to be a powerful way to open up data and make them more accessible to the many rather than the few.

The current generation of visual analytics tools mark a huge step in overcoming the limitations of spreadsheets and the standalone portal solutions favoured by data providers. Data is truly becoming easier. Although there are many providers of visual analytics software we have chosen to work with Tableau. It is a powerful tool that lets us do the following ..

  • Analyse large quantities of data in a fast fluid way (drag & drop functionality)
  • Create user friendly access to data (even for non technical users)
  • Blend data from multiple data sources into one file (one gateway to your data/avoid multiple log ins)
  • Create interactive reporting dashboards (no more static PowerPoint charts)
  • Carry on a dynamic data conversation with stakeholders
  • Create filters in drop down menus to change one view (condensing 20 slides into 1)
  • Add custom coding fields to change the way we look at markets
  • Export clear visuals as PNG or JPEG to add commentary / integrate with other information