Our Customers

At Delphi we work on a continuous or a project basis with many different customer types. Our customers typically match one of the following profiles..

  1. FMCG (or Pharmacy) Brands that use external data
  2. Private Label suppliers
  3. Service Providers that create data which they share with their customers

1. Brands understand well the benefit of unlocking insight but often need a bit of extra resource to get there faster or more effectively. They are also keen to be introduced to the latest developments e.g. working visually with data.

2. Private label suppliers have a great opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors by demonstrating competency with data/insights to their Retailers. This opportunity may expose them to data relating to other European markets, where they need some additional support.

3. Service providers are in the insight business by virtue of the data trail they leave in the provision of their service. Increasingly these companies are recognising the importance of adding value to this data, thereby boosting the chance of retaining their customers. Field Sales, Media/Marketing and Market Research companies are good examples.

Even if you do not recognise yourself in the above customer profiles but you would like some help with data/insights, we would be delighted to hear from you. Our extensive experience means that we can get up to speed quickly in new industries.