Marketing – Part Art, Part Science

All marketers know that their jobs are part art, part science. If you are a marketer today you are probably being asked to do more with less, justify all investments, show results and better your competition. The secret to this balancing act is having – and correctly using – the numbers. Balancing a passion for the creative aspects of brand management and the precise analytics associated with fact-based marketing is truly the challenge for today’s marketers.

As a marketer you will know that the fragmentation of markets and the increasing ability of consumers to avoid advertisements means that you are more challenged than at any other time in the history of marketing. To add to the complexity of changing market dynamics, there is a bewildering number of metrics available to tell you how you are doing: market share, brand penetration, brand equity, consumer loyalty, impressions, share of voice, etc.

Measurement is critical to the health of any business but are the metrics slowing you down? If you are unsure of which metrics are most important for you, are keen to understand more about how they relate to one other or are simply swamped by the sheer volume of numbers and need one good summary – contact Delphi Analytics.