Co-create to produce more value in information

In his book, ‘The New Normal’, Peter Hinssen identifies sharing/collaboration as one of the ‘offensive drivers’ of information strategy. “The company wants to allow an environment where it is not only easy to share, but also easy to work together. It wants people to be able to co-create to produce more value in information. It wants to break down the silos of information and enable more transparency of information.

Intelligence is about being able to re-use information. Companies will need to foster environments where information can be ‘built’ upon.”

This dynamic will drive new demands from the data support community. Solution providers will facilitate the user to bookmark and share analysis as it progresses. Customised software specific to individual data sets will be replaced by flexible multi–source solutions. Users will demand environments that allow them get the data they want, when they want it. Agencies that do not engage in a collaborative approach will simply become irrelevant.

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