To visualise or not, that is the question

Is 2012 the year that interactive data visualisation becomes a requirement? Tableau software thinks so. “Graphically interesting data visualised on websites and in blogs will make business users expect that capability inside their organisations. And with the trend of bigger data, interactive data visualisation will become a critical tool in sifting through all that data. Reports filled with endless rows and columns of numbers or static, boring charts that take hours to sift through and weeks to change won’t cut it anymore.”

Using pictures is almost always the end destination of analytical work. You turn it into a picture so you can understand it better. However using visuals throughout the process (visual analytics) allows for an interactive conversation with the data, lifting the veil on insight. We get a better and faster understanding of what the data can tell us. Visual analytics capitalises on the brain’s ability to read a picture much faster than a table of numbers.

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